Ian Solow - Machine Gun Zouk EP

by Ian Solow

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1. Trouble in paradise? Ian Solow proves that chopping is a sport. Since we like to play dirty, the referee lets his whistle go. Things are about to get ZOUK wavvvvy.

2. Bordeaux's young innovator Nidia Minaj (Principe) brilliantly works this track with raw African processions, blurring the lines between ghetto tarraxo and fodencia to produce a very shifty, raw, and weighty bass remix to pop and churn your hips to. No shoes required!

3. The team from Lille, Jurassic FightClub brings all the snakes to the yard. The beautiful Arabic singing and mystic chants will have you transfixed. The vibrations on the slowed down drums will make you sensitive to every bump in a camel's stride. The buildup to the bassy trap bridge is just orgasmic! Party eruption complete.

4. Fautre's remix is global bass on steroids. He brings the Miami heat by picking up the tempo like he's a chef during peak hour. Now that's a LOT of chopping. At this point, everyone is dripping in sweat from the spiciness - or could it be from their out of control legs that are trying to keep up with all that slicing and dicing?

5. Paris' Chris Dogzout x CZur, straight outta Massachusetts, team up for an epic intergalactic trap battle against aliens with nasty laser guns. Be prepared for some unexpected turns and watch out for those black holes!

6. Photo Romance brings a big bass twist to Ian Solow's original track. Close to the original but very efficient, he shows that his Zoukesque skills are on point when it comes to producing music people wanna dance to.

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released October 13, 2015



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La Brousse Brussels, Belgium

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